Red Hot Pie Fake Profiles Scam

We would definitely encourage genuine swingers to keep well away from the Australian swinging and adult dating site Red Hot Pie. This well established company has recently been found guilty of creating and operating nearly 1400 fake female profiles. These were used not only to encourage male members to sign up but when their subscriptions were ready to expire they were inundated with "flirts" and messages from the fake females in the hope of making the guys renew their membership.

Although this was mainly targeting men, we have heard many complaints from couples and single bi women who felt their time and subscription fee were totally wasted on this site and questions were raised in the swinging community about suspicious practices as far back as 2007 but it has taken nearly three years for this to be confirmed.

The Federal Court has ordered Red Hot Pie's owners Jetplace to display a corrective notice explaining the fake profiles when registered users log in and to also inform members by email. In addition, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) noted that if this breach of consumer trust had occurred after recent amendments to Australian Consumer Law were introduced, Jetplace would probably have been liable to pay a fine of up to $1.1 million.

Our advice…stay away - you'll do a lot better with Adult Match Maker, the profiles are genuine and there are a large number of couples and real bi girls, we've even met some very nice single guys there too!

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