Swingers Guide for Single Men

If you're wondering if swinging works for single guys, the short answer is yes! If you don't really believe this, take a quick look at the HUGE number of women and couples looking for guys on Adult Match Maker.

Sydney Women Seeking Men

Sydney Couples Seeking Men

Adult Contacts/Dating on the Internet

Initially we will concentrate on this route rather than clubs as it is relevant to more people, particularly if you live outside one of the main cities where a lot of the clubs tend to be. When going via this route you need to choose your website carefully but there really are only a few choices in Australia.

Red Hot Pie

To start negatively, absolutely don't waste your money on Red Hot Pie. This site is aggressively promoted all over the place but in 2010 was found guilty in court of faking nearly 1400 single female profiles to attract men to sign up. We covered the full story here but sufficient to say that this is not the place to invest your money if you are serious about meeting swingers. Not only did their scam specifically target single males, it made many females and couples very suspicious of the site and lots of genuine swingers went elsewhere to meet people.

Swingers Heaven

A contacts site run by the company behind the most successful swingers' site in the UK. This is free for the moment as it is still quite small in terms of members and the idea is presumably to build a customer base by giving free subscriptions then start charging at a later date when they can show a large membership to prospective paying customers. Whether it will remain free for members who signed up before they start charging is not clear. They have a video chat room and you can use the contacts and messaging system and view photo profiles without reaching for your wallet.

However, and this is a big however, the problem is with free sites is that many serious women and couples often deliberately avoid them like the plague because they are full of single men who are so lazy or uncommitted about meeting people that they can't even be bothered to pay a few dollars for a subscription to a swinging site. We have been on several free swingers' websites in a couple of countries and can honestly say we have never met anyone other than time wasters and dreamers through them. For a couple looking for a single guy it really is like failing an interview by wearing thongs and shorts instead of a suit, you're out before you've even started because free membership sites attract everyone who just can't be bothered to pay for the chance to meet people.

One positive thing about free sites is that they can be great for bi-sexual guys to meet other bi guys, so if this is you, Swingers Heaven is definitely worth a try.

There are a few other free sites around but to be honest they aren't worth even looking at.

Adult Match Maker

This is Australia's biggest swingers site and the place everyone went to after the Red Hot Pie fake profile revelations came to light, its also the one Swingers Heaven is trying to compete with. In short it is the best place to go because it is a paid site that keeps out a lot of the time wasters and has the largest and most active membership base of any adult contacts site in Australia.

You can try before you buy by taking a look at the people in your area and you can also see when they were last on line which is important because some sites peddle endless dead profiles as a way to increase the perceived number of members. Adult Match Maker inevitably must have some of these too as they claim over 2 million members (which would mean 1 in 10 Australians are on it which seems rather optimistic to say the least!) but whatever the actual number of active swingers, this site has the largest user base in the country and is the best place for single males to start without any doubt. They have a chat room, that is much more active than the Swingers Heaven one and a good user friendly messaging and profiles browsing system.

Maximizing Your Chances

So if you sign up on one of these sites, what's the best way to be successful? It really is pretty simple, which is why it is so utterly astonishing that so many single guys don't make a better job of it! The following steps will put you head and shoulders above 90% of the guys looking for some free good lovin'.